7 februari 2024

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Membro is now also available in English

We are doing everything we can to continue to improve Membro, the club management platform that more and more clubs rely on. That’s why, after weeks of dedication and hard work, we’ve now fully translated Membro into English, allowing clubs and members worldwide to enjoy an improved and more accessible experience.

This development is much more than just a translation of words. It represents our continued commitment to increasing the usability of Membro to a broader audience. By offering the platform in multiple languages – including the options “Dutch informal”, “Dutch formal” and now “English” – users can choose their preferred language and seamlessly communicate and navigate within the platform.

Adding English to our language portfolio opens the doors to a whole new group of users. Whether you are a global organization operating in multiple countries, an individual member who prefers English as a means of communication, or simply someone who is more comfortable with this language, Membro is now ready to meet your needs.

What exactly does this improvement mean for you and your organization?

For organizations, Membro’s English translation offers an opportunity to expand their reach and diversify their membership base. By offering multiple languages, organizations can attract and engage members around the world, increasing their impact and influence.

For individual members this means more convenience and flexibility. Whether you have English as your first language or simply prefer this language for your daily interactions, you can now enjoy all the features and benefits of Membro without language barriers.

Our commitment to user-friendliness and customer satisfaction remains unchanged. We continue to strive for improvement and innovation to ensure that Membro meets the needs and expectations of all our users, regardless of their language or location.

Did you know that this improvement was suggested by the clubs that use Membro?

We always listen to our loyal customers, because together we make Membro a great product. Their input has helped us to continue improving Membro and adapting it to the needs of an ever-changing world.

Will you soon share your ideas with us during a Membro Meet Up?



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